So you’re wondering what exactly it is an eye specialist does. Eye specialists are specialists in optometry, or an OD. They’re essentially eye professionals. The word optometry is derived from the greek words optos and metria, which loosely translates to vision estimation. OD’s are skilled in using advancde medical equipment to test their patients’ eyes. Optometrists are experts in the field of eye care and specialize in all aspects of vision and how it works in relation with the body.
Why is seeing an optometrist regularly so important? It assists OD’s in finding any problems in your vision in early stages, which makes treatment much easier, safer, and more effective. OD’s give very thorough examinations to make sure everything with your eyes is normal.
There is a significant amount of work that goes into the eye examination process. OD’s will go over your medical history to see if there are any areas that they need to check more thoroughly. Then, they start with an outer layer examination. Then they test your visual abilities and your eye development to see if it’s normal. Then they check your degree of an understanding’s fringe vision by conducting a visual field exam. They also check the weight of each of your eyes, which can show if you have symptoms for serious conditions such as glaucoma. There’s also a portion where the specialist will prompt you to touch your own eye, but don’t worry, you won’t feel it. They put in desensitizing eye drops on your eyes to alleviate the feeling. They also use some cutting-edge innovations like the Optomap retinal scanner. This helps directing the macula and retinal examinations and makes them much easier. They also conduct an opening lap exam, which allows the OD to see the structure of your eye. All of this and refraction tests help your optometrist diagnose and treat issues that are going on with your eyes