All City Ophthalmology was started in 1992 as a specialized center to the Catholic Medical Centers of Brooklyn and Queens. This is how one of the largest suppliers of eye care in Queens came about.
Not only do we specialize in General Ophthalmology, but we also have specialists in the fields of cornea, refractive surgery, glaucoma, vitreo-retina issue, oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, and uveitis.
Our facility hast the latest equipment for eye care and we strive to provide the best possible service to our all of our patients.

The vast majority of our optometrists are board certified. They’re all incredibly qualified and experienced to handle your needs. Sight is one of our most valuable senses that our bodies offer us, it is important to keep it healthy. Our OD’s utilize the most cutting edge and advanced medical equipment available to ensure that your family gets the most high-quality care possible. We would love to see you as soon as possible to give you the examinations that you need.
Up until recently, people would use contact lenses and prescription glasses to correct their vision. Although these are definitely options to do so, they aren’t the most innovative. A lot of people are inconvenienced by these options daily and just utilize them because they are used to doing so.
With recent advancements in the eye care field, specialists have the ability to correct vision with the use of restorative laser eye surgery. This approach is a more permanent solution to fixing your vision; it doesn’t require the use of contact lenses or eye glasses.
Many people question what exactly restorative laser eye surgery is. It has become something that many people fear, the idea of it terrifies them. Because this is indeed a surgical procedure, it is not a course of action that should be taken likely. You should take special consideration to see if laser eye surgery is the right path for you to take in correcting your vision.
The idea behind laser eye surgery is actually very simple and routine. OD’s use lasers to adjust different portions of your eyes that don’t work very well, which is causing your bad vision. The intensity of the operation depends on how severe your bad vision is, the worse it is, the more work that has to be done. You will notice nearly immediate results in your vision after the operation is completed.